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Here Is A Professional Bicycle 

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Specialized in manufacturing different kinds of bike racks and surrounding products: bicycle stands, shelters, bollards, bending tubes, metal components and etc. 
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Here Is A Professional Bicycle  Stand Manufacturer--VAN

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What is the production process for a two tier bike rack like?
Two-tier bicycle parking rack is designed to solve the problem of disorderly parking of bicycles. By folding lifting, vertical lifting, horizontal moving, pulling, fixing, fixing and other ways to realize orderly parking of bicycles and electric vehicles. Suitable for public parking lots, high-end o
How to install an outdoor bike rack?
How to install an outdoor bike rack?The outdoor bike rack is mainly used for parking bikes and keeping them in order. Outdoor bike racks improve the city's appearance and easy to manage. An outdoor bike rack is a contribution to the city beautification construction. The installation of outdoor bike
How to install a bike rack carrier?
How to install a bike rack carrier?The bike rack carrier is a device for fixing a bicycle on a vehicle and carrying it. So, do you know how should it be installed? Next are some simple instructions.Here is the content:l Assemble pin nut and self-locking handlel Install the T-bolt and self-locking ha
The surface treatment of VAN’s bicycle parking racks- Galvanized
The surface treatment of VAN’s bicycle parking racks are powder coating,stainless steel and galavnized. Powder coating as a rust prevention measure, it also has a beautiful appearance and protects the bike rack to be used outdoors for more than 5 years. Through galvanizing as an anti-rust measure, t
Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, located in Suzhou China, which covering an area of more than 7000 square meters. We are committed to metal processing, including stamping, plating...

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