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10 VAN's Practical Bike Storage Ideas

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10 VAN's Practical Bike Storage Ideas

There are special bicycle racks in public places for citizens to park when they travel. Public bicycle has been regarded as one of the important ways to develop low-carbon transportation at home and abroad. It is also the development direction of future cities, which can play a positive role in environmental protection, convenient travel, and easing traffic pressure. For bicycle parking and standardized management, the bicycle parking rack can be used to manage. The use of bicycle parking rack effectively solves the problem of bicycle parking order, is a contribution to the city beautification construction, for the creation of environmental protection society.

10 ways for bike parking provided below.

1,Slot Bike Rack for Floor

2,High Low Bike Parking

3,Sprial Bike Rack

4,Simple Racks for 2 Bikes

5,Bike Locker

6,Double Deck Bike Rack

7,U Shape Bike Rack

8,Bike Bollard

9,Grid Bike Rack

10,Wall Bike Rack

bike rack

High-quality bike storage racks will keep bicycles secure when not in use.

-With the floor bike stand you can safely and securely store two bikes on the floor so they won't tip over and scratch your bike or harm other belongings.

-High/Low Bike Racks Provide Double Level, Side by Side Cycle Parking.

-The bike bollard is the ideal dual-purpose bike rack. It can be used to limit access to bike-only trails and parking areas while also providing riders with secure parking in both urban and rural environments. They can even be used as security and/or traffic barriers to help protect pedestrian walkways.

-Pioneer Vehicle's commercial Grid Bike Racks are the secure solution to park and organize bicycles in a public area.

-The "U" Bike Rack provides affordable, secure bicycle parking which is often a required feature at apartment or condo buildings, retail spaces and ect.

-Our variety of double-decker bike racks offer maximum bicycle storage density. Individual double layered bike racks feature 6,8, or 10 bikes per rack.

-Hooks and storage racks connect to the wall and are capable of holding up to 1 bikes-5 bikes or foldable bikes.

The problem of parking of non-motor vehicles in the construction of urban civilization is no longer negligible. In order to make the streets look new, the competent authority has set up parking areas for bicycles and electric vehicles on multiple streets in the city, and installed spiral bicycle parking racks and eye-catching signs to guide citizens to use electric bicycles. The bikes are parked in an orderly manner, and the citizens are very cooperative to park on the parking racks.

More information please feel free to contact:

Ronnie: admin@vanbikestorage.com

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