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A Comprehensive Introduction to Special Bollard Bike Racks

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With the current emphasis on green, more and more people are returning to the habit of cycling whenever possible.Show visitors that you care about their health and improve the environment by taking the time to provide ample, safe places for everyone to park their bikes.VAN's Bollard Bike Rack features a versatile, safe design and minimal footprint. By combining a slim design, durable materials and a high quality finish, this bollard bike rack is able to withstand harsh seasonal conditions.Accommodating all types of bike locks, bike knots can be used singly or combined together to create a secure, sleek aesthetic around the facility.

1, Efficient parking

Bike Bollard is a multi-purpose street installation that offers limited access and efficient bike parking.Providing reliable bike parking while safely directing traffic and restricting unneeded access.These multi-purpose bicycle bollards feature eye-catching and bold outside diameter circular columns combined with armbands, designed to be ready for high capacity environments, each of these eye-catching bollards has the capability to ensure up to 2 bikes at the same time.Decorative arms secure two bikes, one on either side.Can anchor up to 2 bikes and is easy to use regardless of the type of bike parked.

2,Long life span with anti-rust material

To adapt to a variety of harsh environments, van's bike bollard uses a heavy steel structure and is finished with an ultra-durable powder coating.Outside diameters may be used with galvanized and stainless steel, as well as a full vibrant powder coating.Electropolishing stainless steel surface treatment process has superior corrosion resistance and appearance, which cannot be achieved by any other surface treatment method.The rugged steel structure will provide years of service with continuous welds penetrating the metal, ensuring that the welds are almost indivisible and rust resistant.Galvanized and electropolished stainless steel frame paired with spun aluminum cover.Powder coated polishing rack with color matching powder coated cast aluminum cover.The result of the hot dip galvanizing process is an effective corrosion resistant surface with a variety of flash appearances.

3, Modern, practical and eye-catching design

Convenient classic bicycle bollards are a fantastic addition to both urban and rural street scenes.Bollard and bollard bike racks are a great way to add to the atmosphere of your facility while also providing reliable and safe bike parking for visitors.A favorite of landscape architects, planners, pedestrians and cyclists, bike racks were developed to help keep bikes parked parallel so they don't interfere with streets and sidewalks.Inspired by the dual-use Bike Rack, the simple design easily fits into the existing all types of Bicyles, providing convenient, economical, and safe bicycle parking.Using a commercial steel structure, striking central column steel tube, and a 2-piece grout cap are ideal aesthetic solutions to hide insertion points in ground mounting.

4, Simple and safe installation

Bike Bollard for ground or surface mounting, these modern Bike bollards are great for stand-alone applications and group placement.Configured to accommodate popular mounting methods, bollard and bollard bike racks also come mounted on one or two round arms and your choice on the ground or surface.All bollard and bollard bike frames are 36 inches high.Can be used for concrete installation anchoring.The steel structure will provide years of service and can be pre-drilled into a flat surface such as concrete.

5, A wide range of application

Bollard bike racks are perfect for use in front of commercial stores, apartment buildings, or other facilities to accommodate bicycle commuters.It can also be installed in front of a guard box as a security and/or traffic barrier to assist in protecting pedestrian access.The bollard bike frame is an ideal dual purpose bike frame.Made of 2-3/8" od steel pipe, this bike rack can be used to restrict access to bike lanes and parking lots, while providing cyclists with a safe place to park their bikes.It can be used to restrict access to bike lanes and parking lots, while providing safe parking for riders in both urban and rural environments.They can even be used as safety features and/or traffic barriers to help protect pedestrian access.

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