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A Guide to Proper Choose Bike Parking Shelter

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A brief introduction to the bicycle parking shelter

Bike Shelter (or bike shed )is the middle of the 20th century developed a kind of new building structure, membrane structure steel carport is by a variety of high strength thin film materials and stiffening member (steel, steel column or steel cable) through certain way makes its internal produce certain tensile stress in advance in order to form a space shape, as cover structure, and can absorb a certain amount of load is a form of space structure. It is a fixed place for citizens to park bicycles.

The impact of bicycles parking shelter on traffic

Parking Shelter as part of the urban public transport facilities, green travel, bike racks are citizens of a fixed place, sheds the construction unit to create urban low-carbon transport, in order to have a healthy city and pure and fresh environment, citizens must strengthen the consciousness, so as to reduce the low carbon, especially carbon dioxide emissions, thus reducing the pollution of the atmosphere, slow ecological deteriorating, The municipal government should set up bicycle sheds to provide places for citizens to achieve a green, low-carbon and environmental protection environment. Membrane structure is a newly developed form of architectural structure. Since the 1970s, membrane structure has been gradually applied in sports buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, transportation service facilities and other long-span buildings abroad.

Production technology of bicycle parking shelter

small bike shelter process (2)

1. The internal framework of the bicycle shed is welded with 50*50mm square steel forming the dragon skeleton, and the whole frame is treated with antirust. The whole structure of the pavilion is solid, with high seismic and windproof coefficient and corrosion resistance.

2. The outer sealing plate of the bicycle shed is made of high-quality galvanized sheet bent and welded. The outer sealing plate is sprayed with senior environmental protection green car paint after sand beating treatment. The outer sealing plate is firmly connected with the inner lining fire retardant plate, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

3. Inside the bicycle shelter, the cream-colored steel plate is affixed with the fire retardant plate and the internal square steel keel is closely connected, which can make the whole pavilion feel clean and generous; The wall of the parking shed has five layers from inside to outside, which fully meets the requirements and specifications of the production of the parking shed.

4. The outer shape of the bicycle shelter is surrounded by high quality stainless steel plate bending and forming the wrapping strip, and the welding around the shape is seamed with high strength sealant, which is beautiful, waterproof and corrosion resistant;

5. The floor of the bicycle shelter is made of high quality square steel dragon frame and is covered with 2.0mm thick non-skid aluminum plate, which is solid and corrosion resistant as a whole.

6. Bicycle shelter use environment and temperature: in weak acid and alkali environment conditions, the use of temperature 40-80; Humidity of 10% to 90%

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