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A safe home for your bikes-VAN's bike parking solutions

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Subways and buses have their "homes", but what about bicycles, electric cars and other non-motor vehicles? How to park these non-motor vehicles orderly and safely? Today, Kwosu will show you how to keep these non-motor vehicles in captivity.

wall bike rack

In the past, the sidewalk was a parking spot for bicycles. Random parking on the sidewalk not only reduced road capacity, affected the normal passage of pedestrians, but also damaged the image of the city, but also left an opportunity for bicycle thieves. If the parking of these non-motor vehicles is not standardized, there will be the following three problems:

1,First, affecting the appearance of the city;

2,Secondly, a waste of parking space;

3. Non-motor vehicles parked everywhere are easy to be lost.

m shape bike rack

The use of bicycle parking rack can solve the problem of parking order and play a role in preventing loss. Lock the wheels of non-motor vehicles on the parking rack, not only can park standard and can play a better role in guarding against theft. Summarize the advantages of using bicycle parking rack:

1,Firstly,aunified space parking, saving parking space;

2,Secondly, the wheel and the frame lock in a piece, effectively prevent the vehicle lost or stolen;

3,The orderly parking and the product's own characteristics effectively improve the landscape effect of the use site.

At present, with the civilization advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection and green travel, people have higher and higher requirements for the storage and storage of non-motor vehicles, which is why bicycle parking racks can be seen everywhere.

The above is the suzhou parking rack company-VAN to bring you about the parking rack related information, if you want to know more about this knowledge, you can vist our website: www.vanbikestorage.com, consult or inquiry our online customer service,we're providing floor bike racks,wall mount bike racks and bike storage,ect.

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