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An introduction to the surface treatment of VAN bike rack.

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Surface treatment is the process of forming a cover layer on the surface of the workpiece by a certain method. The purpose is to give the surface of the product beautiful, and anti-corrosion effect. The surface treatment methods are attributed to the following methods.


Hot-dip galvanized: also known as hot dipping and galvanizing, it is an effective way to protect metals from corrosion and is mainly used for metal structure facilities in various industries.

It is to immerse the derusting steel parts in the molten zinc solution at about 500℃, so that the surface of the steel members is attached with zinc layer, so as to play the purpose of anti-corrosion.Hot dip galvanizing process: finished pickling - washing - add help plating solution - drying - hanging plating - cooling - pharmaceutical - cleaning - grinding - hot dip galvanizing completed

Hot dip galvanizing is developed by the older hot dip method, since 1836 France hot dip galvanizing applied to industry, has a history of more than one hundred and seventy years. In the past thirty years, with the rapid development of cold rolled strip steel, hot dip galvanizing industry has developed on a large scale.

Hot-dip galvanized

Galavnized bike rack | Outdoor bike rack

Powder Coated: Powder spraying using the principle of electrostatic spraying dry powder adsorbed on the metal aluminum profile after 200℃ after high temperature barbecue powder solidified into a layer of about 60 microns thick solid bright coating. 

The surface of the product is smooth, smooth and uniform color with strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, crashability, wear resistance can withstand the erosion of strong ultraviolet radiation and acid rain for a long time, no coating powder, fading, falling off and other phenomena. The service life of powder sprayed aluminum profiles is up to 30 years under normal conditions. Its surface coating is guaranteed not to fade, not to change color, not to crack in 5-10 years. Its weather resistance and corrosion are better than ordinary aluminum color diversification.

powder coating

Powder coating bike rack | Floor mounted bike rack

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