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Can biking help you lose weight?

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Riding at 20km for an hour will burn close to 600 kilocalories.  It's not that much, but all it takes to lose weight is a difference in calories.  Greater consumption, but weight loss efficiency and experience are different.  As long as there is no heat difference, people will be obese for a long time.  Even if you eat a normal diet, the weight will stay flat and not lose any more.  The reason is simple: your intake is in balance with your basal metabolism.  Being overweight doesn't mean your BASAL metabolic rate is higher, because you might just be fat and have less muscle mass than a thin person.  


During cycling, you can easily lose weight by controlling your intake.  Assuming your basal metabolic rate is 1,650 kcal, if you eat 2,250 kcal a day, you will definitely gain weight, and fast.  But if you cycle 20km/hour every day, you won't gain weight because you burn off the extra calories.  


Similarly, as long as you keep your intake in the 1650-2250 range and cycle, the difference will occur.  You're gonna lose it. You're gonna lose it.  

However, basal metabolism can also change, and many people's basal metabolism will gradually lower during weight loss.  The same exercise intensity and intake, the efficiency of weight loss will be reduced.  Because during weight loss, people's intake is significantly reduced.  Your body is adapting to this change, trying to save your energy expenditure.  

Anyway, it's easy to get stuck.  But before you hit a plateau, you can lose weight efficiently.  


Before we go, by the way, cycling is not the best way to lose weight.  

The best way to lose weight is aerobic plus no oxygen, cycling is just aerobic (unless you are riding a dead fly, climbing).  The ideal exercise weight loss is "muscle gain" + "fat loss", but I also lost a bit of muscle mass during my weight loss, which is not good.  The more muscle you have, the higher your basal metabolism.  Because muscle burns more than three times as many calories as fat, a stronger person can eat more food than a heavier person.  Note that the bulk of your body weight is muscle, so don't underestimate the increase in basal metabolism that muscle provides.  


Why do so many people swear they can't lose weight by cycling?  Because he doesn't eat anything.  Cycling at 20km for an hour consumes 600 kilocalories, easily balanced by an average of three meals a day.  What's more, ordinary bikes such as shared bikes, which many people ride, have a speed of only 12 to 15 kilometers.  

So you need to be careful about what you eat and how much you burn without going to the gym for half a day.  It is not false to say that seven cents depend on eating and three cents on moving.  And those people, let alone budget, have no concept of it.  They may not even be cycling in the right way to lose weight.  


Finally, there's one big premise that needs to be added.  Effective aerobic exercise is sustained low intensity exercise.  Some people say that losing weight is about cycling as hard as you can.  Let's not talk about the effect. Just go for it. Your heart rate is so high in that state, it has a big impact on your health, and it's stupid.  You're so into hard work, go for intermittent, high-intensity anaerobic. Cycling is not for you.  


Why is it that a regular cyclist has so much endurance that he can generate far more miles per ride than an infrequent cyclist?  Because they do so much cardio.  Cycling is about putting as much energy into your cardiovascular system as possible, not your leg muscles.  The cardiovascular system has much more endurance than the muscles, so this is essentially why low stomping is not recommended because it shifts the output to the leg muscles.  At the same speed, the same person, if they run out of strength and stop riding, the high pedal can cover a longer distance than the low pedal, probably a lot longer.  Of course, high tread frequency may also bring about the heart rate of some people is too high, find the highest tread rate that is close to the upper limit of oneself motion heart rate to go.  


In a word, can you lose weight by cycling?  It must be.  It's important to know that this is a weight-loss exercise, not just walking, riding, or eating.  As for whether you can keep losing weight, it's not certain. It's up to you to stick to the science of losing weight, to be aware of your body and what mistakes you're making when you're stuck.  

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