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Comparison of electric car and gasoline car

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The difference between electric vehicles and fuel vehicles is summarized as follows:

1. At the same price, electric cars tend to have a more advanced driving experience than gasoline cars.

Motor low torsion characteristics, no shift mechanism to bring smoothness, this is the inherent characteristics of electric vehicles.Without the engine, the noise, vibration and vibration roughness (NVH) performance of the car went up a notch.For the high-end electric vehicle developed under the native pure level platform, its control level can also obtain congenital advantages.

2. "full-time start", broaden the car scene.

Compared with fuel cars, electric cars are a purer, cleaner private space.Let me tell you, when you pick up the Queen from work in an electric scooter, wait for her in the car with the air conditioning blowing comfortably.But if I drive a gasoline car, I will honestly find a place to stay cool.Gasoline cars burn oil in place, you think about how much waste, and carbon hidden dangers, but electric cars do not care about these problems.

3. The maintenance project is simple with short time and no bother.

My car is first insured, directly let the agent drive to the store, maintenance and then let the agent drive back.Why? Because electric car maintenance project is too simple, mainly to detect, like what oil machine filter these, do not exist.Car raising this aspect of electric cars can be too easy, there is no need to waste thoughts and share energy for car raising, for the efficiency of the first high-end electric owners, this aspect of the experience is obviously more profound.

4. Plan charging properly to minimize battery life anxiety.

At present, the endurance level of mainstream electric vehicles has reached more than 500km, which is enough for daily commuting.I don't have a private charging pile, and I've never had a problem with battery life anxiety.Usually 95% of the mileage is in the city, charging stations everywhere;Sometimes I will run for a long distance. Now the service area is basically equipped with charging facilities, and many apps support long-distance route planning. The car is running out of power, and I should have a rest, so I really don't think there is anything inconvenient about the electric car.

In fact, electric vehicles also have some owners just know the use of pain points, or shortcomings.The future product improvement direction of electric vehicles can be glimpsed from high-end models.

Can you charge it a little faster?

In fact, electric vehicles also have some owners just know the use of pain points, or shortcomings.The future product improvement direction of electric vehicles can be glimpsed from high-end models.First, the charging experience needs to be improved.The NEDC endurance data of many electric vehicles are quite good, but when it comes to the real car scene, many owners will not drive away with full charge, for two reasons:

1. Repeated use of fast charge and full battery may affect battery life.

2. More than 80% of vehicles will enter the trickle charging state, and the charging speed will decrease greatly when it reaches 100%.

In a word, charging experience is the pain point of most electric models, so improving charging power and shortening trickle charging time must be optimized.

In addition, users of high-end electric models have higher subjective acceptance of new technologies and are more willing to try new ones.A technology that looks good, works well, and adds value to the performance of an electric car will spur innovation.For example, most manufacturers only use this kind of design in concept cars, but Audi has introduced the virtual rear view mirror to the production cars, which improves the sense of technology and avoids the problem that the traditional rear view mirror is easily affected by rain and fog.And best of all, no matter who's driving, you don't have to re-angle your rearview mirror.

In the future, electric vehicles will be further separated from fuel vehicles, especially high-end models, and a set of independent vehicle modes and evaluation system will be formed.With the development of intelligent Internet and autonomous driving, the life of car owners will be further changed. Car owners will not be obsessed with the comparison between fuel and electricity, but will choose a new, efficient and carefree lifestyle.The impact of the development of electric vehicles on people's future life is probably not so simple as "vehicle use experience".

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