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How do you park your bikes on campus?

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At present, bicycle parking in university campus is desultorily, and the related supporting service facilities are not perfect. The theft happens from time to time. The waste bicycle is not handled properly, and a large number of old bicycles are abandoned, resulting in the waste of resources.  As an important means of transportation for short distance travel of college students, bicycle parking and planning are worthy of great attention and attention.

So,how do you park your bikes on campus?Below introduce a great and practical bike rack.

campus bike rack

Compus Bike Rack | VAN

Commercial heavy duty bike racks.

These eye-catching, innovative bike racks serve their purpose with a creative style. The VAN’s bike racks provide a much greater degree of bike support than standard bike racks, and allow a 25" clearance between each bike.

Featuring a specially welded steel locking bar, which allows both the bike wheel and frame to be secured with a single U-lock. Mounting options include freestanding, in-ground mount, and surface mount. These bike racks are offered in a galvanized and powder-coated finish.

The VAN’s bike racks are available in single or double sided arrangements of various lengths up to 13-bike capacity to maximize your bike storage. Drop In Anchors available for concrete installation.

Accommodate both bikes and scooters with the Double Sided Campus Bike Rack. Similar to the single sided model, offering exceptional support, orderly parking and superior security the double sided model staggers bikes on both sides of the cross support beam for greater capacity and space efficiency.

The innovative, staggered rectangular hanging lock-bars or 'ears' add a bold aesthetic, that is universally compatible with all types of bike locks. Welded for durability and longevity, the commercial Campus Rack is available in a galvanized or powder-coating finish. Capable of holding in total 6-12 bikes or scooters, the all-steel double sided Campus Rack is great for transit centers, universities, parks or business parks.

Double sided parking,freestanding or in-ground mount,rust-proof with optional surface treatments make this type compus bike rack welcomed and frequent used by many compus.

Check more types of bike rack and bike storage for commercial,compus or private at www.vanbikestoage.com.


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