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How to install a bicycle storage?

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The public bike shed is a very important part of the low-carbon transportation revolution. It can be said that it is a fixed place for the general public to rent and park public bicycles. Therefore, the construction of public bike sheds can bring a good parking environment to the city on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also an important way to promote citizens' environmental awareness, reduce exhaust emissions, and create a fresh and healthy environment. Therefore, some people will ask, how to install the public bike shed? Here are some brief introductions.

Here is the content:

l Anti-rust spray paint treatment

l Adjustment test

l Connect the tension cable

l Stainless steel glass claw installation and welding

l Glue up and down

l Laminated glass processing, production, and installation

Anti-rust spray paint treatment

Remove the slag and splashes and spray the surface with anti-rust spray paint multiple times. The thickness of the paint film and coating must meet the design requirements and construction specifications. The surface paint including the inner side of the bike shed shall not be missed.

Adjustment test

The bike shed shall be adjusted and inspected as a whole, and the standards shall be adjusted horizontally, vertically, and horizontally. The deviation must not exceed the allowable range.

Connect the tension cable

The reference line and elevation line of the positioning rod of the bicycle storage, the embedded parts are installed according to the drawing or construction requirements, and the railing is welded.

Stainless steel glass claw installation and welding

Elevation and vertical and horizontal lines are ejected according to the design size, clamped with a clamp, and spot welding is performed. After the assembly is completed, the glass claw base is welded. Welding is required when installing the suspension arm of the bike shed. Therefore, it is very important to check the welded joints and adjust the slope of the suspension arm. This is so that it can be welded and installed accurately. For embedded parts, the main thing is to find the location where the embedded parts are installed, and then drill and install them firmly. However, it is necessary to ensure that the position of the embedded parts is accurate and not too large an error occurs.

Glue up and down

Clean the gaps between the glass of the bike shed, and there should be no water, oil stains, paint, rust, cement mortar, dust, etc. Thoroughly clean the bonding surface and dry it. To adjust the height of the seam, avoid three-side glue. Stick the protective tape on both sides of the seam to ensure that the protective glass is not contaminated. Seal the top and bottom with sealant at the same time. After the glue is injected, the surface of the glue joint should be smoothed to remove the excess glue. After the glue is injected, tear off the protective paper, and wipe the glass clean with solvent if necessary. Before the glue is completely hardened, avoid dirt and scratches.

Laminated glass processing, production, and installation

Determine the actual bike shed size, as well as the horizontal and vertical position, according to the requirements of the design drawings and the measured size, which will be processed by the manufacturer. Install stainless steel glass claws, and adjust after the glass is temporarily fixed. Adjust the standard horizontal level, vertical level, and surface level. The deviation shall not exceed the specified range.

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