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How to install an indoor bike rack?

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With the "green travel, low carbon travel" has been promoting the concept, more and more people choose to ride bicycles, but the existing open space is very small, the lack of professional bicycle parking, bicycle parking mess, and the traditional parking method relies on bicycle support to realize parking with hidden safety hazards. An indoor bike rack appears to solve these problems. Then, let us introduce in detail How to install an indoor bike rack?

Here is the content list:

l Prepare related parts

l Punch holes in the ground or wall

l Fixed indoor bike rack

Prepare related parts

A space-saving indoor bike rack device is composed of a frame, a drive handle, a drum, a two-way ratchet, a cable, a gear, and a telescopic tube. A driving handle is installed on the frame of the indoor bike rack. The driving handle is connected with the large and small gear set and the drum. The cable is evenly wound on the drum. A two-way ratchet is hinged on the drum shaft and meshes with the pawl. A telescopic tube with a hydraulic telescopic mechanism is installed beside the wheel slot, one end of the telescopic tube is provided with a locking sleeve, and the other end is hinged with the front wheel slot bracket.

The first step in installing an indoor bike rack is to prepare these related parts.

Punch holes in the ground or wall

Make holes before installing the indoor bike rack.

First, mark the position of the hole to be punched with a marker (preferably a solid part), and use a hammer to punch out a small spot about 2-3mm in diameter at the mark to remove the surface enamel. Choose the required diameter percussion bit and install the percussion hammer, align the impact point vertically, give the appropriate pressure to start the percussion hammer, the feed amount should not be too large, and the tiles can be penetrated smoothly by applying slow force. After penetration, it can be forced to feed directly to the required depth.

Fixed indoor bike rack

After drilling the holes, choose a suitable expansion tube to embed it and fix the indoor bike rack to be installed with screws.

If you want to use expansion bolts to fix the object, you must choose the required hammer drill bit according to the required bolt size. Generally, the nominal diameter of the bolt thread + 2 = the required drill diameter. If you make a hole larger than 10mm in the tile, it is recommended that novices do it twice. For the first time, use a 6-8mm diameter drill bit to make small holes in advance, and then use the required diameter drill bit to ream the holes, so as to ensure that the tiles will not break. Fix the indoor bike rack with expansion screws or blast screws, and then freely install the unit combination according to the site.

The installation method of the indoor bike rack is like this. First, prepare the parts needed for the indoor bike rack, punch holes at the position to be installed, and finally fix the indoor bike rack.

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