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How to install an outdoor bike rack?

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The outdoor bike rack is mainly used for parking bikes and keeping them in order. Outdoor bike racks improve the city's appearance and easy to manage. An outdoor bike rack is a contribution to the city beautification construction. The installation of outdoor bike racks in downtown busy sections can not only regulate the phenomenon of traffic congestion caused by vehicles parked indiscriminately but also beautify the city's appearance and environment and improve the city's grade. The outdoor bike rack is widely used in shopping malls, schools, hospitals, parks, squares, subway outlets, property communities, and other public places. Outdoor bike rack devices can fully improve the utilization of the site, can park more bikes in the limited space. But do you know how to install an outdoor bike rack? Here are some answers.  


Here is the content list:

l Functional advantages of four outdoor bike racks.

l Procedures for installing outdoor bike racks.  


Functional advantages of four outdoor bike racks.

Now the market is divided into four kinds of outdoor bike racks according to different materials. Chromium-molybdenum steel outdoor bike rack has the advantage of easy processing and good elasticity at the same time. The advantages of the chrome-molybdenum steel outdoor bike rack make many long-distance travel enthusiasts still very much in favor of it. If you are a daily fitness trainer, an aluminum outdoor bike rack is your best choice. Titanium outdoor bike racks are not new, but they have been lukewarm. If you don't know enough about the rack material, you probably haven't even heard of it. Carbon fiber outdoor bike rack is a new rack material developed in recent years. The carbon fiber outdoor bike rack has unmatched rigidity and lightweight and has been widely recognized as soon as it was introduced.  


Procedures for installing outdoor bike racks.

First, assemble the pin nut and self-locking handle.


Use the key to open the lock on the main body and remove the three self-locking handles. Insert the three cylindrical pin nuts into the pinholes of the three self-locking handles outward.  


Second, attach the T-bolt and self-locking handle to the seat.

Note that there are two front and rear bases on the main body of the outdoor bike rack. The curved end of the outdoor bike rack is the front end. The front end of the base is relatively large, and two self-locking handles and long T-bolts (61mm) need to be installed. The rear end base is a track iron plate, with a self-locking handle and frequency T-bolt (35mm) mounted on the middle hole. Install the self-locking handle vertically on the base, screw the T-bolt through the round hole in the base into the pin nut in the self-locking handle, screw it two times, no need to tighten.  


Third, Install the wheel tension belt.

The wheel tension belt is smooth inward, inserted into the lock buckle below the wheel tray from bottom to top, without inserting into the head, leaving a few centimeters below the tray according to the thickness of the wheel adjustment, so far the outdoor bike rack assembly is completed.  


The fourth step is to install the outdoor bike rack to the roof rack. 

Verify that the self-locking handle of the outdoor bike rack is open (upright), push the T-bolt of the outdoor bike rack into the T-slot on the top of the luggage rack, and adjust the outdoor bike rack so that it is parallel to the body of the bike. Tighten the three self-locking handles clockwise until they are just enough to be locked (the force is just enough to be leveled). When the handle is leveled, the rack will be locked. Lock the self-locking handles on the outer side of the front base of the outdoor bike rack with the key. Cut the rubber seal strip of the roof rack into several sections, adjust the size, re-cover the exposed part of the T-shaped groove, and then use the key mirror to hold the rocker of the roof frame.     


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