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How to turn a parking space into a private garage?

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How to turn a parking space into a private garage?

Why do you need a locker for your parking space?

Do you have the following worries?

A lot of sundries in the car to occupy space, in the home is more trouble!

Too much sundries in the trunk, too much weight of the car, more than USD 20 a month oil consumption;

Want to ride a bicycle exercise in the evening, but you live 23 floor, with a bike up and down much trouble!

Go out for a barbecue and leave the grill in the car for half a month and the fishing gear in the car for half a month!

All kinds of spare clothes, alcohol and tobacco magazines, feather pong, basketball shoes, OMG, too much things in the car!

VAN offers you a solution to these problems,it add 1.5 square meters of storage space to your parking space.

bike locker

White Bike Locker| Bike Storage

The features of VAN's bike locker cabinet:

1,Disassembly design, safe transportation, easy installation;

2,Super storage, large space and large capacity easily placed, saving space;

3,All steel construction: VAN's Cabinet Locker is made of cold-rolled steel for durability, moisture, insect and fire protection;

4,Environmental protection electrostatic spraying, phosphorus free environmental protection, electrostatic powder spraying, bright and lasting color, more texture products;

5,Thin edge design, fashionable and simple appearance, bright color, give you perfect use experience.

Advanced steel surface treatment technology can prolong the service life of storage cabinets, increase the recycling rate of materials, excellent coating appearance quality, adhesion and mechanical strength, wear resistance and rust resistance.  

Heavy Duty supporting legs and beams keeps unit ridged.

VAN's bike locker has single door hinged at the top (not sides) so doesn’t swing out and hit the car in adjacent car space and the door can be opened without moving the car.There are no middle pillar/beams so you can store long items like surfboards or golf clubs.We find that most 4WD vehicles fit well within the max 1300mm clearance under units with extensions. All units are individually keyed.

We're providing indoor bike rack and outdoor bike rack,all kinds of bike storage solutions.

Check more ideas at www.vanbikestorage.com !

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