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Some introductions to public facilities and road safety.

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Traffic Safety Facilities

Traffic facilities is a safety facilities products, is a traffic engineering project, but also a responsibility, a responsibility to everyone's life safety.Road traffic facilities include: signal lights, traffic signs, road marking, guardrails, isolation barriers, isolation piers, sound insulation screens, lighting equipment, parking facilities, traffic gantry frames, protective nets, etc.Transportation facilities have been closely linked with our daily travel life.

Road Utilities

People is the main part of the urban public space, public facilities is a service, so the public facilities planning and design should reflect the concern's for people, integrating function and environment landscape, focus on the people in the physiological needs and psychological feeling, make people move can feel comfortable, convenient, natural and harmonious and beautiful feeling.For example, enough parking lots should be set up around the pedestrian commercial street to make it more convenient for people to travel.Rest seats and tall trees or flower bed combination, so that people at rest both close to nature and can avoid summer exposure;Tree-lined paths, seats, street lights and telephone booths provide people with space for rest and relaxation.

People-oriented should not only take into account the needs of normal people, but also take into account the special requirements of vulnerable groups such as the disabled, the elderly and children, and strive to create a fair and equal social environment.For example, ramps and blind paths for the disabled are provided where necessary;Provision of child-specific seating, Spaces and facilities;Toilets for the elderly and disabled.From the details of urban road construction, it embodies the care, care, help and convenience for people.

Urban Parking Facilities

Urban parking facilities are an important guarantee to meet people's needs for a better life, and also an important support for the development of modern cities.It is mainly divided into car parking facilities and bicycle parking facilities.

As the parking link of motor vehicles, vehicle parking facilities and motor vehicles are mutually restricted and interdependent.Private cars, for example, spend more than 90 percent of their time on the road and less than 10 percent of their time in big cities.Urban parking facilities, as the main transportation facilities to regulate the ownership and use of motor vehicles, play an important role in supporting the urban comprehensive transportation system and urban sustainable development.

Bicycle Parking Facilities

There are special bicycle racks in public places for citizens to park when they travel.Public bicycle has been regarded as one of the important ways to develop low-carbon transportation at home and abroad.It is also the development direction of future cities, which can play a positive role in environmental protection, convenient travel, and easing traffic pressure.For bicycle parking and standardized management, the bicycle parking rack can be used to manage.The use of bicycle parking rack effectively solves the problem of bicycle parking order, is a contribution to the city beautification construction, for the creation of environmental protection society.

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