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Some tips for a long journey by cycling

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The benefits of biking are almost as endless as the national highways you explore.If you are considering taking up cycling and comparing it to other sports, then we will tell you that cycling is the best choice.

What kind of bicycle is best for traveling?

There are special travel models, generally very heavy, can load a lot of materials or mountains, aluminum and steel can be durable, can be installed after the shelf, it is best to pull disc brake line, fault tolerance rate is large, there are shock absorbant fork is not afraid to go bad road but now developed roadbed construction, population density is also quite large,Unlike the days when you had to bring your own pressure cooker to cook (unless you wanted to experience it) and load a cart full of stuff over 30 kg...In fact, it is not very important to travel quickly or slowly. Comfort comes from the adaptation of people and vehicles. Therefore, gravel bike is more suitable for travel now, and it is extremely comfortable to ride and carry bags.

Essential equipment for cycling

Helmets are especially important for long rides, and you can't save money.The helmet will keep you alive when the chips are down.

Cycling pants are also important, but if you have a big budget go for expensive ones, and if you have a small budget go for decathlon.Of course, don't buy, let your butt in the interfemoral friction slowly exercise, slowly stronger.

Magic scarf can also prepare a, a few dollars on the line, generally buy other equipment when the store will also be complimentary.With dust-proof sunscreen hair and other multifunctional, good style selection, looks cool.

A water bottle is also a must, and it's important to rehydrate during long rides.

Glasses keep bugs and dust out of your eyes and prevent you from being overtaken and crying.And, of course, flashlights is also essential.

How to ride abroad

Undoubtedly bicycle abroad long distance is very large, the advantages of without a driver's license, you can ride a worldwide road, more developed countries to bike more friendly, the best is that can take the bike to fly, ride the package back also convenient, short distance you every day, of course, with the road takes a long time, so want to arrange a visa for time.

Problems to pay attention to during cycling

1.    Prevent bask in Wear light clothing (I always wear armed police shirts, cheap and dry quickly, never wear cycling clothes, not easy to comment on) and shorts with two headscarves to cover the calves;Wear polarized glasses;Gloves with light visor;

2.    Basic vehicle maintenance - must be able to repair tires;

3.    Pack light - No moisture MATS, tents, POTS and pan;

4. Fitness training before departure;

It is best to start adaptive training half a month before departure, and to recover after several times tired, long distance to carry down!

5. Prevent heat stroke

Replenish water, fill salt, fill sugar, fill trace elements, self physical warning, long-distance hot days, must bring mustard, multi-vitamin tablets, drinks, drinking water!

6. Protect your wrists and hips

Take good care of your buttocks, inner thighs, wrists and cervical vertebrae. The weather is wet and cool in the morning. Wear wrist protecters!Make sure the seat is wide and breathable (I used a 28-size deer seat), and rub your neck frequently!

7. Travel safely

Check the condition of the car every day, concentrate on cycling (avoid cars, nails and broken glass), walk less at night, and avoid conflicts with local people.Every time you travel, plan your trip, be prepared, tell your family, buy insurance, and give up when you have to.

8. Best time to travel

In the north, I rode in the dog days of summer and summer, and finally found that the most comfortable time with the least amount of luggage and the most favorable temperature for scenery is from mid-May to mid-June in the north.In front of the temperature difference between day and night is large, easy to cold, in the back of the rainy season is easy to encounter (the rainy season time is different in the north and south).


The purpose of travel: mileage, or mind?

Cycling is not about proving yourself or finding yourself on the road.In fact, the real purpose is very simple, that is perseverance and faith, mentality and knowledge of the expansion.Haggle over things before a clear smile.The previous three-minute heat thing is still sticking to.

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