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The Essential Guide to Cycling

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Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the journey. One bike, one backpack can travel, simple and environmentally friendly. Experience challenges in the midst of ongoing difficulties, experience success at the end of the journey.Long-term adherence to cycling can enhance cardiovascular function, especially aerobic exercise, improve human metabolism and immunity, play a role in fitness and cancer prevention.

What equipment should I bring on a cycling plan?

1,Crash helmet

The function of cycling helmet is to provide protection to the fragile head, so it is a necessary equipment for cyclists.Anti-collision is necessary, and it can prevent branches and leaves from hitting, prevent flying stones from hitting, divert rain, breathe freely, speed up. Helmets with brims provide protection from the sun, reflective markers and prevent collisions when riding at night.

2,Riding glasses

In addition to having the common function of general sports glasses, cycling glasses' function of blocking ultraviolet radiation deserves special attention. Most cyclists ride on roads, which reflect the sun better on a sunny day than dirt or grass. Because of the way they rode, the cyclists had more time to look directly at the road, and thus received more uv reflection, than the average cyclist. The eye absorbs ultraviolet ray for a long time to be able to cause cataract! Most of the friends who ride bikes have their eyes watered by the wind and experienced foreign bodies in their eyes, right? And if you are riding in winter, when the snow is everywhere, or in Tibet, where the sun reflects off the snow and directly hits your eyes, it is easy to suffer from "snow blindness". Cycling glasses can greatly protect your eyes from these injuries.

One aspect to note is ordinary sunglasses can also block ultraviolet rays and strong light, but they are not as effective as cycling glasses in protecting eyes from wind and foreign matter due to their casual appearance.

3,Men's cycling jersey

The color of men's cycling jersey is more bright, the upper body effect is relatively tight, a very clear line of equipment.Speed up, sweat away, bags on the back to hold things, long sleeves to protect your arms from the sun, and fleece to keep you warm. Cycling jacket speed effect is very significant, the pursuit of speed friends can consider buying. How well a cycling jacket works and breathability depends on the fabric you choose.


Gloves 's function is sweat absorption, anti-slip, breathable, protect the palm and wrist joints. Sweat absorption, breathability and slip resistance complement each other. When the bike is in high speed motion, the rider's control of the bike largely depends on his hand skills. Well-crafted riding gloves are all about the anti-skid effect. Air permeability depends on the material and size of the glove. The protection of the palm is mainly reflected in the rollover, the rider will often touch the ground with the palm first to make the body slow landing, if there is no gloves for shock absorption, such action is easy to wear the palm and seriously damage the joint.


This is a convenient and practical equipment.Cycling backpack volume is not large, but the inside of the separator layer and small bag more and each purpose, such as the bottom separator layer for water bags, next to a small hole to facilitate the arrangement of water absorption pipe; There are plenty of elastic bands in the kit to prevent tools from colliding with each other; The helmet can generally be hung outside the backpack, but it also has an insulating layer to protect it from scratches. The carrying system of cycling backpack is light and breathable, and is equipped with chest lock and waist lock.

And finally,cycling socks and shoes,face mask and ear protectors,Knee and elbow pads,sports kettle and kettle stand also are very important and necessary!

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