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The Meanings to Support Commercial Bike Racks in Cities

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The present situation of cyclingin cities.

Bicycle has many functions such as environmental protection, energy saving and fitness, and has always been the preferred means of transportation for Chinese people. With the development of modernization construction in China, city dwellers long public transport step by step into the era of metro light rail and bus, however, the bicycle is still irreplaceable office worker shrt-distance transport, heavily populated areas in the city, because of the bicycle park's capacity is too big and don't touch the best parking way, especially in the subway entrance, shopping malls, schools, Hospitals and other densely populated places, parking is difficult, disorderly parking, easy to lose the car, some even occupy the sidewalk and motor vehicle lane to bring hidden dangers to traffic safety, bring trouble to the city security and urban management.

Aiming at the trouble caused by non-motor vehicles, it is an effective way to solve this contradiction to establish efficient bicycle parking rack.The utility model relates to a bicycle parking device, in particular to a bicycle parking rack. Bicycle racks have the following features,

Save a lot of space, thus providing more car parking space, management bicycle, make messy become orderly, low price, maximize the use of space, humanized design, suitable for living environment, light operation, improve safety, unique design, safe and reliable use, simple and convenient to take and put the car. Bicycle parking device, not only beautify the appearance of the city, but also facilitate the orderly parking of bicycles, electric bikes, but also prevent the occurrence of theft cases, by the masses of consistent praise

A civilized city must be a clean city. In order to maintain the good image of the city, the city departments concerned to treat the whole city appearance city appearance, in the downtown busy section of the installation of parking rack not only standardize the phenomenon of disorderly parking caused by traffic congestion, but also beautify the city appearance environment, improve the city grade.

What did they say?

-'Everytime when I 'm going to supermarket shopping, it is difficult to park my bicycles, and it is not easy to find a parking place,and when you go shopping, the bikes has been surrounded by other vehicles, and the sidewalk is full of vehicles. It is difficult to push the car out, and every time it is a headache.But after Bicycle racks have been installed in the entrance parking area of supermarket,I am very happy,every time I go shopping, I don't have to worry about parking, it is very convenient and safe to park my bikes.' Said Andani, a ordinary citizen who like to go out by bicycle!

With the severity of COVID-19, many citizens choose to ride bicycles to go out, many citizens can park bicycles at will, neither beautiful, nor safe. To this end, the traffic police brigade in the urban area installed with an area of less, beautify the advantages of urban areas, such as "bicycle parking rack". "How nice, safe and convenient." Parking feng Yongbin told reporters that in the past, when parking bicycles, because there is no fixed location, many people randomly parked, not only affect the appearance of the city, but also hinder everyone to travel. With "bicycle racks", the second road will become more beautiful. The above examples show how important bicycle parking racks are to the beautification of domestic cities.

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