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The advantages of bicycle parking facilities to the cities

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1,Modern design

Now the design of the outdoor parking rack is not only to consider the use of parking, but also to consider the function of parking when there is no bicycle. The design is unique and artistic, and when idle, these parking racks will also be pleasing to the eye .

r shape bike rack

2,Made of strong,durable material and rubber surface.

Van’s bike parking racks made of strong and durable material, to cope with frequent use and harsh environmental conditions such as sun exposure and corrosion.At the same time,the rack is coated with rubber to prevent scratches on the bike.Also, There is enough space around the bike frame for the bike to pass. For the best use experience, it is necessary to keep at least 80 cm of space between the bike brackets, each bracket allows two bikes to park. So that urban space can serve more humanized, more healthy and high-quality life.

3,Essential for rider.

Many countries around the world, where many people still use traditional vehicles for their daily commutes, are looking for ways to reduce congestion and increase cycling. Motorized transport can reduce congestion, improve air quality and residents' physical and mental health, and boost local trade and brand awareness, all thanks to cyclists' tendency to focus more on local businesses and take up less space.

What VAN can do for cicties’ development?

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the business principle of "talent oriented, integrity and career", to provide enterprises with a full range of solutions. To help enterprises improve management level and production capacity, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition always maintain competitiveness, to achieve rapid and stable development of enterprises. As a pioneer in the bicycle parking industry, we have gathered a large number of outstanding talents, with a number of years of professional technical personnel and installation team engaged in the development, production and construction of bike racks,bike storage and bike carrier racks products; In the continuous absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad at the same time, according to the situation of the construction site and customer feedback information, constantly improve the manufacturing process, so that the product quality in the industry leading position. All the staff of the enterprise will continue to make efforts to provide professional and high-quality service for the society and customers.

application of u shape

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