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The details of Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle-suzhou bike racks company

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What is a parking rack? It is a kind of metal frame mainly for parking bicycles. There are slot type bicycle parking frame, high and low bicycle parking frame, double deck bicycle parking frame and so on. Mainly used for parking bicycles or simple electric bikes.

1,Types of parking racks:

Bicycle parking rack: mainly for parking bicycles, common slot style;

Electric bike parking rack: electric bike and bicycle common parking rack, shelf spacing slightly larger;

Motorcycle parking rack: mainly parking large electric cars and motorcycles;

High low parking rack: mainly high and low collocation parking bicycles, is conducive to saving parking land;

Spiral parking rack: it is made of round pipe and mainly used for bicycle parking. Because it cannot be hot-dip galvanized, it has poor anti-rust ability;

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Thus it can be seen that the parking rack is an inseparable tool with the bicycle. In the past, most bicycles were fitted with legs. But in recent years, the bike itself is equipped with fewer and fewer braces. There are three main reasons for this:

-Danger problem

Mountain biking, with feet in the woods or elsewhere, not only interferes with the athlete, it also increases the risk of injury.

-Aesthetic problems

Most people find floor bike racks particularly unsightly and simply remove them.

If the pedals on the bike are missing, an accompanying parking rack in a public place will be essential. In China, the number of parking Spaces is increasing, but it will take some time for them to become common.

Recently, the parking racks at bike fairs in Asia were very similar and most exhibitors did not pay attention to these details. Very interesting. Even though they look superficially

2,Application range of bicycle parking rack

It is widely used in bicycle parking spots on both sides of municipal roads, communities with bicycle parking garages, factories or units with bicycle parking areas, shopping malls and public places with non-motor vehicle sheds or parking spots, etc.

3, Bicycle parking rack installation method

1. Drill holes with a hammer drill on the hard ground and fix the holes with expansion screws.

2. Unit combination installation can be carried out freely according to the site.

The above is the relevant information about suzhou pioneer vehicle parking rack .If you still have anything you want to know, you can visit our website: www.bikestorage.com ,There is always a suitable information for you, looking forward to your visit.

Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, located in Suzhou China, which covering an area of more than 7000 square meters. We are committed to metal processing, including stamping, plating...

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