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The impact of bicycle racks on cities

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Suzhou Pioneer recommend: The impact of bicycle racks on cities

A civilized city must be a neat city. In order to maintain a good image of the city, relevant municipal departments have vigorously rectified the appearance of the city. The installation of parking racks on busy roads not only regulates the phenomenon of traffic congestion caused by random parking of vehicles, but also beautify the appearance of the city and improve the city's taste. The editor of Suzhou Pioneer who came to talk with everyone about the impact of bicycle racks on the city.

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Bicycle parking racks are beautiful in appearance and anti-theft. They can also effectively avoid random parking of vehicles and are very popular among residents. The parking frame is fixed on the ground, which can effectively prevent the theft of bicycles. Lock the tree, lock the newspaper column, lock each other... When the bicycle is locked these, it is embarrassing. Our different styles of parking racks solve the many problems of bicycle parking.

After years of research and development, we specialized in the metal processing more than 20+ years. The functions of our stainless steel bicycle racks are reflected in many aspects. They are novel in style and are well received at domestic and overseas. Currently, they have sales distribution points in many regions. The bicycle storage rack uses a humanization design, which makes the bicycle parking neat and orderly and convenient.



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