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The necessity of bicycle parking racks

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1,Why bicycle parking racks are requird?

In recent years, the voice of car parking is very high, the government mainly focuses on the research and planning of car parking spaces, ignoring the bicycle and electric bike parking problems, making the bicycle and electric bike parking conditions seriously backward.The supply of public parking lots for bicycles and electric bike is insufficient, especially in the business district, and the phenomenon of disorderly parking is common, and even the vehicles are parked on the side of the road or on the sidewalk, which seriously affects the road and sidewalk traffic, as well as the appearance of the city.

spiral bike rack

Bicycle and electric bike parking apaces do not have anti-theft locking facilities, resulting in the bicycle and electric bike can not be locked in the parking space, theft occurred from time to time, people with cars are afraid to travel.

Bicycle and electric bike traffic is an important part of urban public transportation, the bicycle and electric bike parking should be paid attention to.

2,The furture for bicycle parking solutions.

It is suggested that the government should put the construction of bicycle and electric bike parking lot on the agenda, and gradually transform and build. In the newly built business centers, schools, hospitals, government offices, residential areas, transfer points included in the mandatory planning, according to the parking volume forecast for the planning. Strengthen the construction of bicycle and electric bike parking facilities, such as anti-theft locking facilities, rain bike shelter facilities and monitoring facilities.

3,What VAN can do for bike parking?

Our products after years of research and development, has completed the target of mass production, our stainless steel, carbon steel bicycle stand function reflected in many aspects, novel style, by the praise at home and abroad, currently in many areas of the world have sales distribution points.  Bicycle storage frame with one to one elbow design, so that bicycles orderly parking, parking convenient.  

powder coating bike rack

See more bicycle parking informations at www.vanbikestorage.com, we're also providing double deck bike racks and bike transit racks!

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