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What are the advantages of an indoor bike rack?

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With the continuous advocacy of the concept of "green travel, low-carbon travel", more and more citizens choose to travel by bicycle, but the existing open space is small, the lack of professional bicycle parking spaces and bicycle parking are disorderly, and traditional parking methods Relying on bicycle support to realize parking has hidden safety hazards. The emergence of indoor bike racks solves these problems. Then, let's introduce in detail what are the advantages of an indoor bike rack?


Here is the content list:

Save space

There are a variety of surface treatment and installation options

Stylish and modern appearance


Save space

For modern people, buying a house is very difficult, and space is expensive. If funds are not sufficient, usually only a small area of residence can be bought, so it is very important to make good use of space and create the greatest test of effectiveness with the smallest space. It’s everyone’s skill. The use of indoor bike racks can save space. The indoor bike rack can stack two bicycles directly on top of each other, thus saving 50% of the space.


There are a variety of surface treatment and installation options

A space-saving indoor bike rack device is composed of a frame, a drive handle, a reel, a two-way ratchet, a cable, a gear, and a telescopic barrel. A drive handle is installed on the frame. The drive handle is connected with the large and small gear sets and the reel, and the cable It is evenly wound on the reel. A two-way ratchet is hinged on the reel axis and meshes with the pawl. A telescopic cylinder with a hydraulic telescopic mechanism is installed next to the front wheel slot of the frame, and one end of the telescopic cylinder is provided with a locking sleeve. The other end is hinged with the front wheel slot bracket.

In the space-saving indoor bike rack device, the driving handle is connected with the large and small gear set and the reel so that the drive handle is fixedly connected with the small gear, the small gear meshes with the large gear, and the large gear is fixedly connected with the reel.


Stylish and modern appearance

The surface treatments of indoor bike racks include galvanizing, powder coating, and polishing brushes. These materials add a literary atmosphere to the interior design. The color matching is very sensational, and at the same time, it also ensures the simplicity of the space. The simple edges and corners and structure of the indoor bike rack are a bit thin and light in appearance, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. The decoration of the stylish indoor bike rack has achieved a very good decoration effect. It is well-matched, simple but not simple, and the design is simple and simple. The indoor bike racks lines have a strong sense of strength and give people a stronger sense of strength. Visual experience, very suitable for young people nowadays.


The indoor bike rack saves vehicle storage space, ensures that more bicycles or tricycles can be stored in a certain level area, and can also alleviate street congestion, and free up more space for other uses. Not only that, the indoor bike rack has a simple structure, low cost, and easy operation.


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