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What are the functions of bicycle storage?

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We can see that in developed cities, public bike sheds appear every certain distance, and the emergence of these public bike sheds provides great convenience for our lives. In addition, what is the role of the bike shed? Next are some details.

Here is the content:

l Conducive to the development of comprehensive value

l Highly valuable and ornamental

l Show the image of the city

l Promote low-carbon travel

Conducive to the development of comprehensive value

The public bicycle storage itself is a public space. This public space can help us to use its exercise value effectively. It can provide us with a variety of different services. At the same time, it can maximize It is its most basic requirement that the land satisfies the public needs and allows us to park here. In addition, some people around public bicycles make it very good. Many big cities borrow their space next to public bike sheds to sell some cycling-related supplies. The sales volume is also very good, except in addition to these sales, some newspapers or drinks are also sold, and some places even specialize in inquiries about tourism information. These are the comprehensive values developed by the public bike shed.

Highly valuable and ornamental

The current public bicycle storage, for many people, is very different from the past. It not only meets the most basic requirements, but at the same time, it must also have a high degree of value, must have a positive view, and there must be a variety of high-end bicycle shelter systems. It seems that the operation is very simple, but in reality, it adopts a completely intelligent model, and, in the entire carport, it plays a unique space value. Many people think it is very good, and even some people have given it a very high evaluation so far. The current public bike shed has a certain value, and on the surface, it is very special. Beautiful, with greater ornamental.

Show the image of the city

The bike shed itself can show a positive image of the city. The public bike shed can make a great contribution to the development of a city. Many advertisements can be promoted through the entire bike shed. Most of the advertisements are always in the publicity process. He is the carrier himself and carries out useful propaganda. Because there are so many people in the bicycle storage every day, if the advertisement can use this resource, it can also create a very unique commercial value for itself. And many advertisements are currently doing this, and its commercial value has been highlighted.

Promote low-carbon travel

As part of the green travel of urban public transportation facilities, bicycle storages are a fixed place for citizens to park. To restore a healthy and fresh environment in the city, citizens must strengthen their awareness to reduce carbon elements, especially carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing air pollution and slowing down ecological degradation. The city government should set up bicycle storages to help citizens. Realize a green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly environment to provide a place.

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