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What are the safety concerns of commuting cycling in the city?

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1. Always pay attention to road conditions

Pay attention to the manhole cover, some are sunken state, some are half open state, can avoid to avoid, avoid not to open slow through.At the same time, we should pay attention to some underground channels of the water into the water vertical bar type net bar, the tires of the road car after the above will be very easy to die in it, light on the spot tire, heavy direct somersault;

Zebra crossings on roads These smooth, painted areas are easy to slip after rain.

Then stay away from rocks on the side of the road. Too close to the side of the road is also where dirt tends to gather, which increases the likelihood of puncture.The other thing is that if you ride too close to the curb, you don't have room to adjust and you're more likely to be dangerous.

2. Look out for cars parked on the road

Cars and taxis parked on the road should always be vigilant and keep 1.5 meters away from their door, because you don't know if someone will suddenly open the door without looking at the front and back, and you will be easily knocked down or injured by the open door.

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3, pay attention to the battery car, motorcycle.

Compared with cars, battery car and motorcycle drivers are not through a very professional training, the rules of driving on the road do not follow the conventional card, want to fast fast, want to slow slow, the phone rang directly brake stop road indirect phone everywhere.Stay away from them.

4. Pay attention to the traffic around you.

First, do not try to compete with any motor vehicles for the road.Secondly, be careful of the large vehicles around you. Many accidents happen between cyclists and large vehicles, usually trucks, buses, or delivery vehicles, which can lead to tragic results.Do not attempt to approach such a vehicle, the driver of these large vehicles will blind them to your presence.Even when you are crossing a cycle lane, don't pass a truck, because these big cars not only have a big blind spot, but also come closer to you than you think due to the poor inner wheel, so stay away from them.

Also, keep an eye on the car in front of you. Don't assume the driver sees you. The best way to do this is to make eye contact.If that's not possible, it's a good idea to pay attention to the direction of the wheels and how the driver handles the steering wheel.That gives you advance notice of potential dangers.

Learn to anticipate the road. The faster you ride, the farther you have to look. Being aware of your surroundings will greatly improve your safety.Don't always look down at your code watch, the time to drink water eyes are to look at the front, it is not recommended to listen to headphones while riding, riding too long to remember to add heat, low blood sugar is easy to cause more dizzy riding.

5.Plan your route in advance.

Be sure to do a good job in the planning and arrangement of the journey time, accurately understand their physical condition and journey time, in the case of time does not allow do not take a risk attempt!Traffic control is very standard nowadays, especially in big cities.There will often be calls for lower decibels on the roads and more foresight to do some public infrastructure.Almost all GPS navigation now has cycling route options.It will map out a suitable cycling route for you based on the road conditions of your city.

There is no danger of being distracted from finding your way, even when you are in a strange place.At least on my last long trip, I didn't have to walk up a viaduct or be navigated to a freeway, as I did five years ago.

Most of the time traffic accidents are due to our distraction or to save time, no matter the size of the accident, once it happens, is it against your purpose of distraction and saving time?What could have been an extra minute could have been hours or a lifetime of waiting.

6. Don't wear headphones

We all love beautiful music, and music is a must in a certain atmosphere.However, you should pay more attention to safety issues in cycling.Your ears also play a huge role in cycling.Listen to the voice distinguish position, can greatly improve your riding safety.If you do need a headset to answer a call or listen to directions, a Bluetooth headset is relatively safe.

Finally, you must wear helmets and other protective gear and all kinds of equipment, such as lights and torches, when you go out to ride. You must take everything with you into full consideration.

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