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What factors are important when building a bicycle shelter?

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The necessity of building a bicycle shelter?


There are many communities where bikes are left unattended, leading to rampant car theft. Bicycle theft has seriously affected the life and travel of citizens, therefore, large-scale, large-scale construction of bicycle parking shed should be the needs of the general public, in order to facilitate people's life, reduce the loss of bicycles.

The bicycle parking shelter is made of square steel and welded with a long frame, which greatly improves the bearing capacity of the frame. Coupled with the stability of the material itself, the bicycle parking shed is strong and durable in use, with a service time of about 12 to 18 years. And the parking shed surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint, can let the shed from the outdoor wind and rain erosion.

small bike shelter

What factors shoule be taken in considerations when choose a bicycle parking shelter?

1, The design of bicycle shelter must accord with most of the aesthetic, cannot blindly pursue unconventional. Then how to design a bicycle shed, both beautiful and practical? Bicycle shed from safety, beauty, life and other aspects of consideration, aluminum alloy bicycle shed has become the choice of more people. The sheds also can be customized according to the needs of the scene and customer needs to the design of the bicycle shelter.

2,Materials of bicycle shelter does not rust, strong and safe, long service life, durable and safe, Ceiling can use the new material of endurance plate, impact resistance, strength is toughened glass and acrylic plate several times. Bicycle parking shed internal square steel material, welding long skeleton, which makes the framework of the bearing capacity greatly improved, coupled with the stability of the material itself, so the bicycle parking shed in the use of durable, the use of time in 12 to 18 years or so. And the parking shed surface spray with fluorocarbon-paint, can let the shelter from outdoor wind and rain erosion.

bike shelter application

3, Bicycle shelter more outstanding design on its convenience, humanistic features: can be found is the sheds can not only make people stop, also provides other services, such as carport internal installed can lock the car lock, greatly improved the safety of the car, humanized characteristics showed in sheds.

Bicycle parking shelter is now an important part of urban infrastructure, for bicycle shelter , is an indispensable part of citizen life. In addition to the role of well-known park bicycles, it is also very good to promote the city's low-carbon transport, at the same time of reassure the people out of the parking, which to a large extent, also can enhance public environmental awareness, not only can improve various sheds the bicycle park place phenomenon, also help to improve city appearance.

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