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What kind of the troubles you encountered when cycling?

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1.Bicycle parking problems

Road bikes usually don't have foot braces, especially high-end road bikes, if they have foot braces they have to be removed from the organization, and then no one will ask me why your bike doesn't have foot braces, and I won't have a chance to explain to anyone that it's a professional bike.In addition, more and more cars are parked in the parking shed of the company. The internal passage is crowded, and the feet are not stable enough to fall down. When you find your car lying on the ground after work, you will feel very distressed.

The bike also stopped against the fence of the parking shed, but the fence was next to the road, and there were many people coming and going. On one hand, they were worried about being injured by the motor vehicle, and on the other hand, there were too many curious colleagues, so some people always surrounded the bike and commented on it, and even touched it and touched it.

The grass next to the parking shed was also let go, but had to be exposed to the sun for a day, distressed.

The best way to parking your bike is to use an outdoor bike rack.

2. It is forbidden to bring it into the dormitory

Many schools explicitly forbid parking bicycles in the corridors of teaching buildings and dormitories, and after a while prohibited parking bicycles in dormitories, mainly for fear of fire hazards and accidents.

If you want to park in the dormitory, whether you can move upstairs is another matter. The main reason is not to cause trouble to others.If the dormitory is crowded and cramped, and everyone has limited personal space, it is not worth it if the car is moved up and takes up the common space or other people's space, causing problems among dormitory members.

If you can move upstairs, there are two ways to solve the space problem, folding bike racks and wall-hook parking racks.In addition, if you rent or own your own home, there are many more ways to park your bike:

Vertical parking frame

Folding parking rack

Suspended parking rack

There are many other ways to park indoor bikes, but I have just listed a few.

It's also a good idea to buy a cycling station to store your bikes and ride them indoors.

3. Bring it into the subway is not allowed

In many big cities, the subway does not allow the belt to enter, even folding.There have been previous cases of riders being turned away from trains even if they were carrying only a newly purchased, unloaded road frame.Of course, there are also many improvements at the present stage. Folding vehicles and road vehicles and mountain bikes under certain conditions can enter part of public transportation in some places.

4. Bikes were stolen

In London the roads are littered with broken locks and removed tyres.Almost every district has more than 10 bike theft cases a month.For every moonlight report in the city, there's probably hundreds of bikes stolen.That's reported, not the ones that don't.So how do you prevent your bike from being stolen?

A mountain bike is not bought for commuting. It's not just your vehicle.

Don't buy locks!

Once you buy a lock, you'll let your guard down, especially the much-lauded and expensive X4 lock, which weighs more than 5 pounds.Buy a lock and you can rest easy?

Feed you too look down upon the thief had stolen now, this is somebody else's trick to earn a living, people don't eat the somebody else don't steal your car stolen vehicle technology must be better than you lock the car technology.Guess how fast the fastest car thief I've ever seen picks a lock?

Third, people do not leave cars, cars do not leave people

Okay, the car is unlocked and vulnerable, so we have to be responsible, and since we bring the bike home, we have to treat her well.If you can meet the above three words, you can guarantee that the car will not be lost.

But we also have to be realistic.After all, there are all kinds of scenarios.

If you must lock it, lock it to a fixed object, like a utility pole that allows you to lock your car, not just the wheels, but the frame,

You can also prepare a small lock, disc brake car lock on the disc, V brake, lock on the chain.

However, this does itself to the car car damage is relatively large.

It's not over. Make sure she's in your line of sight. You need to see her often.

In recent years, much of the government increasingly focus on the problem, to share the bicycle disorderly parking place for treatment and processing, one of which is equipped with infrastructure - bicycle frame, this measure can effectively solve the sharing of bicycle parking planning, solve the problem of parking is always difficult citizens to travel, and making sweet touch, through extensive propaganda work,Guide citizens to park non-motor vehicles in a standardized and orderly manner.

Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle provides bicycle parking rack design to meet your parking planning needs:

Spiral bicycle racks, floor bicycle racks, vertical bicycle racks

bicycle racks

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