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What's the difference between a electric bike rack and a bicycle rack? -1

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electric bike rack

The difference between a e bike rack and a bike rack.

1, Literally, bike racks are for bikes parking, ,electric bike rack is used to park electric bicycles.

2, From the perspective of industry expertise, there is no distinction between the two racks.Bicycle racks can also be used to park electric bikes, which can be used to park bicycles.

If a rack can only be used unilaterally, the market demand is very limited.Many products on the market have multiple uses to achieve different results.Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle’s non-motor vehicle parking rack can park bicycles, as well as electric vehicles (including parking rack, spiral parking rack) to reduce the cost of business input, with the minimum investment to the maximum return.


The main usage of parking rack is to solve the problem of non-motor vehicle parking and stolen, making the vehicles become orderly and anti-theft.The main types of parking rack for e-bike and bike are spiral bike racks and slot bike parking rack.

1, Spiral bike racks

The carbon steel spiral bicycle rack is for parking bicycle/mountain bike/motorcycle/electric bike products.And the installation is simple, just need to drill a hole with a hammer drill and fasten the expansion screw on the hard ground.

spiral bike rack


The main features of spiral bike racks are:


> A multi-purpose function:Traditional bicycle rack, can only park bicycles, if want to park the electric bike or motorcycle, there is a special additional racks, VAN 's spiral racks, can park any style of bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, achieve the effect of a multi-purpose, in standard management of vehicles at the same time, greatly reduces the cost,It also reduces unnecessary duplication of construction.


> VAN's spiral bicycle rack also solves the problem of inconvenient packaging and high transportation cost of traditional spiral bicycle rack. The packaging volume of traditional bicycle rack is too large, and each box can only contain one set of rack, which brings a lot of inconvenience to logistics transportation.VAN's spiral bicycle parking rack can pack up to 4 sets of parking racks per box, which greatly saves transportation space and reduces transportation costs compared with traditional parking rack packaging.


> The traditional bicycle rack is made of high quality carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized, and electrostatic spraying on the surface. It is usually painted after galvanized by ordinary steel and installed outdoors, which is easy to lose paint and rust.VAN's spiral bending tube from the anti-theft parking frame adopts high quality carbon steel as the main material, economical and practical by the majority of purchasers like, plus the diversification of color, is the icing on the cake.

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