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What's the difference between a electric bike rack and a bicycle rack? -2

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2,Slot bicycle parking racks


The slot bicycle parking rack is widely used in the bicycle parking spots on both sides of municipal roads, the community with bicycle parking garage, the factory or unit with bicycle parking area, the shopping malls and public places with non-motor vehicle carports or parking spots, etc. The installation is just punch holes on hard ground with a hammer drill and fix them with an expansion screw, unit assembly can be installed freely according to the site.


The main features of slot bike racks are:

 slot bike rack

>Solid- In addition to the solid factor of its own material, special manufacturing process, coupled with the best welding technology, so that the shelf and the base form a whole structure, can withstand the impact force brought by the vehicle parking.


>Neat and orderly -- Each slot is designed to park one bike with uniform specifications. Using bike racks can effectively manage bicycles and turn clutter into neat and orderly.


> Beautiful and novel -- the bicycle parking frame is beautiful and light in humanized design, with the most novel structure, simple and safe to take and put the bike or e bike.


>Security against theft -- When parked on a bike rack, lock the wheels directly on the bike rack to prevent theft or loss of the bike or e bike.


>Provide figure- the material selection of carbon steel, clamp type bicycle parking frame welding technology is the best at home and abroad, first-class products, effectively improve the use of the overall landscape effect, fully reflect the humanized management image!

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