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Why wave bike racks popular?

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wave bike rack

VAN's wave bike rack has a sleek and modern look, providing the same support and safety as a 'U' rack, but with a larger bike parking capacity than a regular U-shaped bike rack.The corrugated bike frame can be customized to different customer needs with different number of peaks, each peak can be fixed up to 5, 7 or 9 bikes, maximize the storage of your bikes.

This commercial bike rack features a highly durable, non-corrosive finish that is best suited for a variety of facilities.Set efficient, safe and modern bicycle parking standards for schools, community centers, streetscasts and parks.Hot dip galvanizing process gives the bike frame an effective corrosion resistant surface with a variety of flash appearances.It is made of popular and durable heavy steel with black powder coating or stainless steel, the slight powder coating reduces the serious effects of corrosion and rust, while the UV additive inhibits the fading effect that the bright sun will exert, making them ideal for continuous exposure to environmental conditions.On the other hand, it uses a sturdy base flange to block the pipe entrance and prevent insects, small creatures and water from entering.

With a sleek, simple design, it is one of the safest and most reliable bike frames. The main safety advantage of this bike rack is its heavy-duty 2-inch square structure steel pipe, which acts as a pipe stopper.Features modern simplicity, a rolling bike frame that balances aesthetics and functionality.Universal design with circular steel pipes, wave Bike Rack provides ideal safety, stability and two-way parking access.With the crested modes properly spaced to allow easy pull-in parking, these bike racks provide safe and economical bike parking, supporting almost every type of bike and popular bike locks that allow the use of high-security U-locks to secure the bike frames.

The round tube wave bike rack can be mounted on the ground and surface.Can be used for concrete installation anchoring.The 2 piece grout cover is the ideal aesthetic solution to hide the surface mounted flange or the ground mounted insertion point.Galvanized finish rack pairing with spun aluminum cover.Powder coated polishing rack with color matching powder coated cast aluminum cover.

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